Hello From Mars


Mūzikas autors:
Lauris Reiniks
Mārtiņš Freimanis
Vārdu autors:
Lauris Reiniks
Mārtiņš Freimanis
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Hello From Mars
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Ievads: Dm
[C] Time would have passed me by if [Em] I                      
Had never asked you [F] why
Your eyes were open [Dm] wide
That [G] day you saw me [C] cry

[C] I'm not that kind of [Em] girl
Who only dreams of [F] pearls
Just give me wings of [Dm] love
And make it [G] real
Cause [Am] I'm not [F] afraid
Of a [Dm] blade     
That we [G] need to cross to[C]day
But I'm [F] scared
To be [Dm] shared
By someone [G] else
  Cause [C] this is gonna be
  The [F] day that we will meet
  When [Dm] heaven comes so [F] down to Earth
  To [G] say hello from Mars

Starpspēle:  Am  Em  F  Dm  

[C] My emotions take me [Em] high
They seem to reach the [F] sky
I still believe we [Dm] try
To [G] hit the ground or [C] fly

[Am] Life is a [G] mystery
Like a [C] perfect harmo[Dm]ny
[C] No one knows that [D] day when love
Will [G] come and set you [A] free