Spiritual Priest

Miks Dukurs

Miks Dukurs
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Miks Dukurs
Gints Smukais
Edijs Dukurs
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Miks Dukurs
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Spiritual Priest
Seko jaunumiem:
All i want is to be free
but still looking for new ways to volunteer 
i’m willing to be free
but i’m still so afraid 
to become someone’s volunteering slave

i am running away
i am running away from myself
i’m running away from my sins
chased by thousands of coffins
i'm gonna fight them off

i am a spiritual priest
i’m begging on my knees 
i’m a spiritual priest

All i want is to get out
but still looking for new ways to lock myself in
i’m willing to get out
not looking for a trade
to become someone who has betrayed