The Mundane

The Mundane
bez akordiem
Seko jaunumiem:
rear your head up to the sky
try to smile when everyone cries
i wont stand now by your side
it`s time leave home and set you free
and the time for lonely me
i`m unclean and out of reach
have you ever loved someone so much that you can`t hate
it turns you in 
it\'s out of faith
every day i`ll reach my shore
every day i`ll ask for more
it wont be now like before
stars in daylight sun in the night
rain falls from the dusty sky
none stands now by your side

i know how she feels on her way down
cause i have recall
and i can recall
i know what she feels on her way down
it`s still not the same
i ain't got any mam