The war is not over

Valters un Kaža

Valters un Kaža
Mūzikas autors:
Mārtiņš Freimanis
Vārdu autors:
Mārtiņš Freimanis
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The war is not over
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Intro: C C F F x2

C               Em             Am
I slowly walk into the night around
           Dm               G
To see how dreams of people die
      C               Em            Am
They gently fall from windows all around
           Dm                      G
And crash against the ground like glass
G          C     E      Am               F
And I'm so sorry I'm so helpless in this angry world
                Dm                G
If only I could change it for one day

               F             Am
The war is not over everyone knows it
            Bb                 G
It's just a reason to make us believe
                   F                   Am
That someone's the loser someone's the winner
           Bb                               G
To make us believe that's the way it should be
F                  C
But I don't wanna believe

In the story they all tell this fairytale has gone to far
I take a step and dare myself to be free
To see how beautiful we are that everyone can be a star
If only we would start believe in dreams
Believe in who we are


Outro: C C F F x2 then C